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Need to change a name?

The first thing to say is that if you are travelling by coach / ferry, there is no problem right up to the last minute (but make sure your insurance company is aware).
If you are flying, however, it could be costly.
The no-frills airlines tend to charge a fixed fee (each way) for each change, plus the difference between the fare at the time of booking and the present ticket price.
It could be less expensive just to book a new ticket at the present price - it is certainly worth checking both options.


Passport due for renewal at an awkward time?

You are going to visit a country that needs a visa, and you have to apply just at the time you are due to go on holiday with your family.
Or maybe you are visiting a country which requires you to have a passport valid for three or six months beyond your visit dates, while your passport is due to expire just two months after your travels.
While this can be a nuisance, it need not cost you any more than regular passport renewal.
You can renew your UK passport at any time within its last six months of validity and it will be valid for ten years from the date of expiry of your present document, not from its own date of issue.
In fact, as passport fees only ever go up, maybe you should consider renewing six months early as a matter of course.


Getting through the airport with a school group

For most of us, an airport is a place we visit / pass through very few times a year.  And when you are responsible for a group of students, the journey from the kerb outside the check-in to actually sitting on the aircraft ready for take-off can be even more daunting than when travelling alone.
There's some step-by-step advice here, which I think will be useful:

Twentieth Century German History

I have been working on an itinerary recently for a long-time client and I have to say that I am really pleased to see that some can still make the commitment to a long tour.  For those studying the Third Reich, our tour to Nuremberg, Prague, Kraków, Auschwitz and Berlin carries a powerful impact which I am told is reflected in the students' work after such a series of visits.
In eight to ten days, students become familiar with the early years of Nazi power and rapid growth, with the conduct of the War and the Holocaust and with the downfall.


More than that are the contexts - walking in the immense Rally Grounds, travelling from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz, standing in the peaceful lakeside villa by the Wannsee where the detail of the administration of the Final Solution was delivered.


The price?  Just over £65 per day per student, including all travel, accommodation in good hotels, three meals a day, visits and guiding.
Call us on 01691 88 61 61 to discuss a similar tour for your students.



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