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Baltic Germany - Geography and Ecology


After your flight to Germany and coach transfer, your tour starts in Zingst, on the Fischland-Darß Peninsula. A few hundred years ago, it comprised three separate islands which have become joined to each other and to the mainland partly by human engineering and partly by a process of silting. Between the peninsula and the mainland is a shallow lagoon.

You will spend a day walking, cycling and exploring on the peninsula as far as the High Dune, a living dune 12 metres above the sea.


The following day, you travel by boat following the coast to the island of Hiddensee, for a walking tour taking in the points of both erosion and deposition – the island is never the same on a return visit. Then cross to Rügen and transfer to your accommodation.

The next two days are spent visiting the Biosphere Reserve and Jasmund National Park, home of Germany's tallest chalk cliffs. We also visit Prora, an eery reminder in concrete of Nazi times. It was built to be a holiday resort, 4.5 kilometres long and with 10000 rooms.