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Hugh Jordan

Budapest in WW2 and the Cold War



Budapest is a beautiful city to visit in its own right, and it contains a wealth of visits to help an understanding of the politics of the Twentieth Century.


Central European Jewish history is covered with a visit to the largest synagogue in Europe and to the excellent Holocaust Memorial.


The nature of totalitarian régimes of both right and left becomes clear during a visit to the House of Terror, once the headquarters of the fascist secret police, then of the communists.


Statue Park is a bleak collection of statues from the communist era, now displayed in a park on the edge of the city.


Recently opened, and a brilliant visit, is the wartime hospital buried deep underground in Castle Hill.  It was used towards the end of WW2 and again during the Uprising in 1956.  It also contains a Cold War era nuclear shelter.  A number of relevant themed activities are available here.


Additionally, many groups enjoy a visit to the Museum of Military History, with its displays of equipment from the nineteenth century to the present day.