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Visit Russia



One of the world's iconic sights, Red Square, with St Basil's Cathedral ahead of you and the Kremlin walls to your right - Your group will visit the Kremlin, including one of the cathedrals and the Armoury Museum, Moscow's equivalent of the Crown Jewels.

Outside, on Red Square, you visit the Lenin mausoleum.


We recommend a guided tour by coach, taking in all the major sights, such as the university on the Sparrow Hills and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which was in soviet times the largest open-air swimming pool in the world.


You will take a short tour on the metro, stopping at a number of the stations. Each one is a work of monumental art, built during the nineteen-thirties.


Visits to the Victory Museum and park, telling the soviet story of the Great Patriotic War, the Museum of Contemporary History and the Cosmonautics Centre complete your tour.