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Visit Belfast

The Troubles in Northern Ireland



(or should that be "The British - Irish conflict in the North of Ireland"?)


Although we all know that history is written by the winners, the situation here today is all but unique.  The story of a very recent struggle is told by those who participated on both sides.  Your students can talk with ex-prisoners from the Loyalist and Republican communities and perhaps form an understanding of their different world views.


In just two days, our groups have fully guided visits in Belfast to the Falls Road and the Shankill and in Derry to the Bogside and to the Apprentice Boys' Hall.  In both cities, the political murals of both communities form a back-drop to the tour.


If visiting Belfast on a weekday, it is also possible to include a visit to Stormont and talk with members of the Legislative Assembly (when it is in session).


If time permits, it is also possible to visit the former border checkpoints between Counties Derry and Donegal.


Large groups might travel by coach and ferry or, as we recommend for smaller groups, by air from your local airport to Belfast International.