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Third Reich and WW 2




Whichever precise dates mark the beginning and end of your period of study, we have tour programmes to suit your needs.


Berlin is a must, with so many extant reminders of the period, from the Olympic Stadium to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp; but also with many documentation and memorial centres to help us interpret the times.


It may be your sole destination, either by coach or by air, but it can also be combined with Munich (for the early days of the Nazi Party), Nuremberg (for the years of power and the immense rallies); Prague and Theresienstadt (the road to the Holocaust) or Kraków and Auschwitz.


More detail here:



Munich, Nuremberg & Berlin

Nuremberg & Berlin

Nuremberg, Prague & Berlin

Nuremberg, Prague, Auschwitz & Berlin

Kraków & Auschwitz


If you study both 1933-1945 and 1945-1990, it is quite possible to combine relevant visits - just ask!