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Hugh Jordan




We recommend at least three full days in Berlin in order to visit the essential sites relevant to your studies.  You might take a larger group by coach / ferry with overnight travel in each direction, or fly from your regional airport direct to Berlin.


In your time in the city, you will visit the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen and the villa which was the site of the Wannsee Conference.


The Jewish Museum relates the history of the community in Germany, with a telling guided tour possible detailing the ways in which they coped with the increasing pressure from the Nazis.


The Holocaust Memorial and Documentation Centre is a must visit for those whose study extends to the conduct of the Holocaust.


The Topography of Terror exhibition details the functions of the SS and the Gestapo in the maintenance of the state, and "German Resistance to National Socialism" in the former Bendlerblock headquarters of the Wehrmacht, relates the efforts made within the Reich to resist.




For extension visits to Munich, Nuremberg, Prague and Auschwitz, click on the links on the left.