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City of Ypres-Tijl Capoen

World War 1




It is now more than a century since the Great War ended, but its echoes still sound through our daily lives.


In studying the period, we hope our young people learn of the madness of war and of the ease with which civilised people sink to inhumanity.


Our tours to Ypres and the Somme include hard fact, but also allow time for reflection and for your own input - there is community in a school group of children and teachers gathered together in a War Graves cemetery or at the Last Post ceremony in Ypres.


If we can, we like to include visits to sites which are particularly relevant to your students, associated with their family, school or district.


It is also possible to relive the journey of an Australian platoon marching to Tyne Cot on 4th October 1917.


Since 2014, we have included in our programme a six-day coach tour which traces the full length of the Western Front from Nieuwpoort on the Belgian coast all the way to Pfetterhouse on the Franco-Swiss border.


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One day

Two day

Longer visits

Along the Western Front



You may choose to be accompanied throughout by a British expert guide, or to use the services of local guides in each destination.