City of Ypres-Tijl Capoen

Along the Western Front



From 2014, we have introduced a new 6-day tour by coach along the full length of the Western Front.


From the first visit to the point on the Belgian coast where the front met the sea, you travel more than eight hundred kilometres to the point where it ran to the border of neutral Switzerland.


Visits are made to sites well-known in Britain in the vicinity of Ypres and the Somme, but also to sites less well-known, such as the trenches at Le Linge and some of the places associated with the Battle of the Frontiers in the early weeks of the war.


Also featured is the battlefield of Verdun, where the longest battle of the war lasted for ten months.



Three extra free places offered on all Great War tours from Summer 2014 to Christmas 2018.   During the centenary commemorations, Culture Trails will give you three extra free places - you may use these as you will, either to reduce the price per student or to include worthy students who could not otherwise travel.