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Hugh Jordan

The Holocaust



Our extended coach tour brings the facts of the Nazis' treatment of Europe's Jews fully into focus.


You will visit Theresienstadt, a town in Czechoslovakia turned into a ghetto which could be shown off to the Red Cross, but really a holding camp before transportation to the east.


In Prague, you visit the pre-War Jewish quarter and gain some insight into the life and history of a thriving community.  On Hitler's personal instructions, items were brought here from all across the Reich to become a museum for a people who no longer existed.


Then to Kraków and Auschwitz where we confront the ultimate horror of industrialised mass murder.


During the return journey, you visit Berlin and visit the lakeside villa which housed the Wannsee Conference, the Holocaust Memorial and documentation centre.  You may also visit the little known workshop in the very heart of the city where Otto Weidt was able to shelter some of his Jewish employees from deportation.