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Hugh Jordan

The Protestant Reformation



The life of Martin Luther was spent almost entirely within the modern German regions of Thuringia and Sachsen-Anhalt, which means that it is relatively easy to visit all the most important places in a short visit.


Eisleben Luther was born here in 1483 and died here in 1546.  The houses are now both museums of his life.

The Augustinian monastery and the university where he studied first liberal arts and later theology are must sees.  It is even possible to stay at the monastery in rather more comfort than Luther enjoyed.


There is a museum in the half-timbered house where Luther lived with relatives while attending school in the town, but even more important is the Wartburg Castle high above, where he translated the New Testament into German.  Our groups visit the room where he worked.


It was here, while working as professor of Theology at the university and as city priest that Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church



Although a coach tour is ideal, as it can include extra visits, we know that groups studying this topic tend to be smaller.  We can easily arrange for you to fly from a regional airport to and from Berlin and to travel within Germany either by minibus or by train.