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Suggested visits in Berlin (1945-1992)


Guided visit to the exhibition "Road to German Democracy", concentrating on 1945 - 1992. (Please note that this exhibition will be closed for an indeterminate period from early 2013).


Guided visit to the GDR Museum which gives an insight into everyday life in the "Socialist Paradise".


Guided visit to the headquarters of the Stasi to learn something of the surveillance techniques developed to control the population.


Guided visit to the Stasi prison to show the physical and psychological methods used to extract confessions.


Guided visit to the exhibition "Border experiences - Everyday life in divided Germany" in the former exit control point next to Friedrichstrasse station.


Guided visit to the Soviet bunker complex to the south of Berlin.


Guided visit to the German-Russian Museum.  Here, it is possible to explore in depth the roots of the Cold War on the Eastern Front of World War 2.


Guided visit to the gallery "Divided Germany and Reunification" in the German Historical Museum.


Guided visit to Schloss Cecilienhof, where the Potsdam Agreement was signed by the victorious allies to redraw the map of central Europe.


Visit to the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie - a museum which details the many escapes from the GDR to the west.  The Wall stood just a few metres up the road from the museum.


Guided visit to the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre and to the Wall Memorial opposite.


Guided visit to the Museum of the Allies, showing what life was like for the military personnel from USA, UK and France in occupied Berlin.


Guided visit to the Marienfelde Refugee Centre Museum.  Of the 4 million people who fled the GDR, 1.35 million started their new lives here.




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