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Tour extensions (1945-1992)




Guided visit to the Museum in the Round Corner.  This was the district headquarters of the Stasi and the museum gives an excellent insight into their surveillance and social control methods.


Guided visit to the Forum of Contemporary History - a visitor-friendly documentation of everyday life, opposition and resistance in the German Democratic Republic.


Guided visit to the Stasi bunker at Machern (30 km from Leipzig).  In the event of war, Stasi and KGB officers would have come here to control the district from the sealed shelter.



Geisa / Rhön


Guided visit to the Hottest Point in the Cold War.  Here the US and Soviet Bloc forces could literally see the whites of each other's eyes.  In the Fulda Gap, where NATO expected any Soviet tank invasion to start, we can now visit the fortifications on both sides of the border and walk along from the US Outpost Alpha and observation tower to the border museum on the GDR side.





This was one of three entry points to the GDR for road traffic from West Germany. It is preserved today as a museum and memorial.  A guided visit will show how the state controlled traffic entering and leaving through this "eye of a needle".


Nearby is a preserved section of border fortifications which may be freely visited.



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