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Our agricultural tours are themed to match your interests and, we hope, to be relevant to farming and land management in Britain.  The tours on this page are between four and six days in length and include all transport, accommodation and half-board meals.  According to the latitude, you will also meet either local wine or local beer.


Renewable energy (Frankfurt to Munich): Colza oil production and pressing, biodiesel factory, tractor conversion unit

Forestry (Black Forest): Reforestation in the Black Forest, forestry school, forest research institute, state and private forests

Dairy (North Germany): Experimental farm, research station, milk quality control and recording, cheese factory, herdbook Holstein farm, brewery, Holstein dairy farm


General (Bavaria): Pigs, biogas, dairy, ostriches, mixed farming, orchards, energy production


General (Poland): Dairy, sheep cheese, pisciculture, horse breeding, pigs