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Hugh Jordan

Life in the Soviet Union - Lithuania



Lithuania today is a member of NATO and of the European Union.  For those of us outside the country it is becoming harder to recall that from the end of World War II until 1990, it was not just a part of the soviet empire like Poland, Hungary and other now free states, but an integral part of the Soviet Union itself.


Our tours to Lithuania try to show a little of what life was like for the ordinary citizen.  The town of Elektrenai, for example - created solely for workers at the power station, and composed entirely of monolithic housing blocks.  We visit the museum in Vilnius in the building where arrests, inquisition and deportation were organised for the fifty years of soviet occupation.  The Hill of Crosses at Siauliai  is a moving reminder of the people's opposition.


The tours also take in a park which contains soviet era statues collected from all over the country, and if time allows, a former soviet missile base deep in the countryside.