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Hugh Jordan

The Cold War



When the Second World War ended in 1945, Europe became divided into two armed camps facing each other across a fence and each preparing for nuclear holocaust.  Our tour groups visit sites deep within Warsaw Pact countries to see both how daily life was controlled and how war was prepared for and also sites along the frontier, particularly in Germany, where East met West every day.



Checkpoint Charlie Museum of escapes

Guided walk along the line of the Wall

Secret police headquarters and prison

German-Russian Museum

Wall Documentation Centre and Memorial

Museum of the Allies

Soviet armed forces communications bunker complex




Secret police headquarters and bunker

Forum of Contemporary History


Hötensleben / Marienborn


Just south of the A2 autobahn between Braunschweig and Magdeburg, a section of the frontier fortifications is preserved at Hötensleben, while at Marienborn the main GDR entry point for transit traffic to West Berlin and beyond now stands as a memorial and documentation centre.




The one-foot-wide stream running through this tiny village (population 50),  marked the border between the two German states and as in Berlin, it was marked here by a wall.  A section of the wall has been preserved, along with some of the border fortifications, while a museum dedicated to the division of Germany is well worth a visit.