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Great Composers


J S Bach


Our tour follows the journey through life of Johann Sebastian Bach, starting in Eisenach, where he was born, through Arnstadt, where he was appointed as church organist at the tender age of 18. Just outside Arnstadt is Dornheim where we visit the church in which he married Marie Barbara when he was 22. On to Weimar, where he remained for nine years as organist and chamber musician. The final stage of the tour takes us to Leipzig, where he worked for more than a quarter of a century and in whose Thomaskirche he is buried.At each stage of the tour, we hear his music, performed on church organs and on contemporary keyboards. In Leipzig, depending on dates, we attend a recital by the world famous boys choir of the Thomaskirche.

Mozart / Haydn


If Mozart is your choice, your tour starts in Salzburg where he was born in 1756 and which he finally left for Vienna in 1781. We visit the house in which he was born, and that where he lived from the age of seventeen until his departure. We also visit the Mozarteum which researches his life and work.Vienna is the connection between the lives of these two renowned musicians, and it is here that our tour continues with a suitably themed guided walk, which can include either or both (and even add in Beethoven and Strauss, if you wish). An excursion to Eisenstadt brings us to to the Esterhazy Palace where Haydn worked as court musician for over thirty years and where he is buried.