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 Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Marc Bertrand


  • Cheers for everything. It really was a great trip and the organisation smooth and punctual. Speak soon about next year.

    Leighton McKibbin

  • Back from the trip, about 1130 last night, huge delays on the M25. Anyway just to say thank you for the trip....brilliant, again! You can post any comment on your site, but what a trip! I'm exhausted! Great planning, superb organisation and timing, no problems at all! Thinking now about next year and its Berlin! Cheers and thanks again! Boys and staff so complimentary! Well done!

    Leighton McKibbin

  • Germany was absolutely fantastic and I would really like to thank you for setting up a great tour. Hotel and coach were excellent, all bookings ran very smoothly.

    Gill Turnbull

  • Many thanks for so consummately organising the trip and excursions for us.

    Matt Clark

  • Many thanks for making the tour a highly memorable experience for all concerned.

    Ian Farquharson

  • Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for all your help during the last year in making the trip a fantastic success! The trip went extremely smoothly and everything went perfectly.

    David Ridsdale

  • I just wanted to write to thank you once again for a providing a great tour.

    Rob Parks

  • Everything went marvellously on the trip - there were no issues anywhere, everything was booked as planned and the guided tours we received were excellent.

    Alex Kemp